Dedicated to helping People find optimal Health while protecting the Earth



Medicine For All Seeking Health and Healing (M.A.S.H.H.) is a grassroots organization dedicated to returning medicine to the hands of the people.  MASHH provides herbal first aid and wellness clinics at events throughout the West Coast. 


We envision a world where sustainable, affordable, holistic health care is accessible to all and healthcare is truly treated as a right. We envision a world in which the health of the planet’s ecosystems is protected for future generations.

We believe that together we can move towards vibrant communities and a healthy planet, a just economy, and a better future for all.

We believe that fundamental social change is not only possible, but deeply necessary. 

We believe that our lifetimes come at a decisive moment in the history of our planet—a time of intersecting crises that requires creative, bold and strategic action.  

Our vision is to completely transform the current disease-centered model of healthcare in the U.S. into a proactive, integrative & holistic medicine paradigm of healthcare!


We offer wellness, first aid, and emergency support at events that align with our philosophy, including:

  • Gatherings and festivals

  • Conferences

  • Social justice demonstrations

  • Forest defense campaigns

  • Indigenous lands rights actions

  • Disaster zones

We also offer Certified First Aid and Wilderness First Aid trainings, teach plant identification, medicine making, and clinical herbology – all with the aim to empower our communities in taking care of their own needs, 

Our skilled volunteer staff is comprised of clinical herbalists, emergency medical technicians, wilderness first responders, nurses, bodyworkers, Ayurvedic practitioners, street and forest medics, and community organizers. Though our backgrounds and trainings are diverse, we are united by our dedication to providing accessible, sustainable, affordable, holistic healthcare for all.  

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As a collective, we commit to the following anti-oppression code of ethics:

  • We support all people’s rights to understand, access, and direct their own health and wellness.

  • We envision a world free of all oppression and seek solidarity with those struggling towards personal and collective liberation.

  • We believe that the personal is political and that self-care and mutual aid are necessary to sustain a resilient movement rooted in justice and lasting transformation.

  • We embrace a philosophy of harm-reduction and non-judgmental care.

  • In all of our efforts towards healthy vibrant communities, we value relationships, and approach our work with respect for all people and all life on Earth. We strive in both our perspectives and practices, to challenge racism, patriarchy, homophobia, and oppression in all its forms.

  • We strive to acknowledge and meaningfully support the indigenous peoples whose territories we’re living and organizing on.


We are committed to providing the highest-quality herbal remedies and sustainable healthcare solutions. We advocate cultivation of medicinal plants rather than wildcrafting, to further protect the threatened wild habitats and strive to harvest our plant allies with the utmost intention and respect. It is vital that we ensure their survival and the ecological integrity of the wild places from which these medicines are still being tended and gathered.


We resolve that:

  • We do no harm.

  • We respect a diversity of tactics employed by individuals across our community.

  • We acknowledge our work is important, invaluable and needs to be sustainable.

  • We function collectively based on agreements, not rules.

  • We operate under a consensus-based model. We run important decisions past collective members, including decisions about financial expenses, new members, new projects, entering into coalition, receiving grants, sharing passwords, and sending communiqués on behalf of the Collective.

  • When making a decision that needs consensus, we try to reach all Collective members. If any members are out of reach, our policy is to try and reach as many as possible.

  • We agree to have transparency and inclusivity in our financial operations

  • We are accountable to each other to follow through with our commitments, prioritizing prompt and effective communication in the event that we can not.

  • We are inclusive and welcoming

  • We work to become ever more aware of oppressive tendencies within and outside of ourselves, and work to cultivate harmony with one another.

  • We speak with kindness and compassion when giving and receiving constructive criticism. We are willing to learn and grow.

  • We are respectful and transparent with one another, avoiding gossip, and favoring direct communication.


“We envision a world where sustainable, affordable, holistic health care is accessible to all and healthcare is truly treated as a right.”