MASHH Provides the Following Services

We offer herbal wellness, first aid, and basic emergency support at events that align with our vision and philosophy, including:

  • Gatherings and festivals

  • Conferences

  • Social justice demonstrations

  • Forest defense campaigns

  • Indigenous lands rights actions

  • Disaster zones

We also offer teachings that empower people in taking care of their own wellness, vitality, and needs:

  • Herbal classes on a wide range of topics

  • Certified First Aid and Wilderness First Aid trainings

  • Plant Identification

  • Medicine Making

  • Clinical Herbalism

Services at Events

  • A pop-up tent with 1 -2 skilled staff with first aid expertise, our herbal electrolytes blend for groups, and a self-care table.

  • Herbal clinic includes an herbal apothecary, 2-3 skilled staff and work-traders, first aid includes holistic wound care, electrolytes for large groups, and a self help table. If wanted, we are also able to provide sick bays/beds for overnight care.

Contact us for a Quote or Call for Support

  • For grassroots actions and disaster relief we rely on our communities for donations and volunteers.

To get involved you can fill out the MASHH Volunteer Application.